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2013 NCA Nursery Champion

Zoe at the 2014 Nebraska State Fair

Zoe is probably the best dog we have ever had. She was the NCA Nursery class leader for qualifying points all year, finished second in Open class qualifying points and had 3 perfect runs at the first NCA National Finals to win the title of 2013 Nursery Champion. She has great cow sense, plenty of strength and a great heart. She is a pleasure to work.

Zoe at the 2013 NCA National Finals


2012 was a great year for Wagner Border Collies. We were pleased to be able to help the National Cattledog Association get off to a great start. The NCA began sanctioning trials on April 1 and we were able to attend 17 NCA sanctioned trials, 9 of which were two day trials. We traveled from Oklahoma to Idaho and saw many old friends and made many new friends.

Zoe, who just began Open trialling this year, had an unbelievable year. In addition to having two litters by Odi (Feb 17 and Nov 15), she ended the year ranked #1 in both Open and Nursery classes. The qualifying year doesn't end until March 31, 2013, so she will need to work hard to keep those rankings, but we are very proud of her and, needless to say, she will be competing in the 2013 NCA National Finals, which are being held June 12-16 in beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO.

Both Abby and Odi ended the year in the top 15 NCA Open dogs - out of 100 dogs with points!  Unfortunately, we can only take one of them to the finals. It will be a tough decision.

Jan and her dogs (Bisc and Sky) also had a good year. Jan is taking advantage of the new Intermediate class being offered by the National Cattledog Association and has become quite competitive, particularly with Bisc. Bisc had a nice litter of puppies in June (by Sky) and still managed to spend the summer trialling. She ended up the year by winning a Pro-novice class in Platte, SD and both a Pro-Novice class and a Nursery class in McCook, NE. Jan hopes to be taking Bisc to the NCA Finals in the Intermediate class. Sky is perhaps the best male in our kennel, but is very headstrong. As Jan gets him under control, we expect him to shine in the trial arena.

2012 National Cattledog Finals

The National Cattledog Finals were held again this year in Redding, Iowa and it was a good year for Wagner Border Collies.

Odi competed, for the second consecutive year, in both the open and nursery classes and was able to make the finals in both classes. He ended up 8th in the nursery class and 5th in the open.

Abby also qualified for the open class, made the finals and finished 12th.

Odi at the 2012 Finals




2011 National Cattledog Finals







Three of our dogs, Abby, Odi and Spyder, qualified to compete in the 2011 National Cattledog Finals, which were held in Redding, Iowa, May 26-29. Abby and Odi qualified in the Open class, and Odi and Spyder qualified in the Nursery class. All of the dogs performed well in the preliminary runs, although both Abby and Spyder had one draw of challenging cattle. Odi did well in his open runs (23rd in the first run and 7th in the second run) and was able to qualify for the finals in the Open class. The top 20 scores qualify and Odi was the 12th high qualifying score. He ran well and placed 11th in the finals. We expect all three dogs to qualify for the 2012 National Cattledog Finals. Odi and Spyder are both only 2 years old and are, therefore, eligible to qualify in both the Open and Nursery classes.



About Us

Wagner Border Collies is a key part of Wagner Ranch.  Wagner Ranch is operated by Bob and Jan Wagner and is located in Northern Colorado, about 20 miles south of Cheyenne, WY, and 45 miles from both Fort Collins and Greeley.  We are about 1.5 hrs from Denver and Denver International Airport.

We breed, train and trial Border Collies and currently have 17 dogs in our kennel.  We try to have two litters a year and sell both puppies and started dogs.

We bought our first trained Border Collie, Birch (picture below), in late 2005 to help with working cattle. He was a Christmas present from Jan to Bob and came to us from Tony Stewart.  Birch was truly an outstanding dog.  He was very smart, very strong and was successful in the trial arena, making multiple trips to the National Cattledog Finals.  Birch and Tony placed 8th in 2005.

Our second Border Collie was Dori (picture below), a female we purchased from Dan Korf.  We got Dori because we realized we frequently needed more than one dog and we were interested in becoming breeders.  Dori had three litters for us and two of her pups are still in the kennel.  Dori also became a successful trial dog - Bob took her to the 2009 National Cattledog Finals, where she placed 14th. 

We will be at several trials in 2012, including the Wyoming Cattledog series, the Outback Stockdog series and the National Cattledog Finals in Iowa.  We hope to see you at the trials.

Also, we would like to invite you to visit us anytime at the ranch to see our dogs or to work dogs with us.

      Bob & Jan Wagner


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